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5 Tips To Choose The Right Items When Shopping? πŸ›’πŸ€”

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Good day everyone, how's going? πŸ˜™

I have decided to post more often on my blog because I can see that some of you are interested in my content and I would like to thank you for your visiting and commenting on my posts. 

So today I have decided to show you "my way" of choosing the right items when I am shopping for my outfits. If you are already interested to read more let's get started!

First Things First! 

When it comes to shopping some of you might be annoyed or even lazy to go and choose clothes even though you need some specific items because of changes in the season or just the need for new items in your wardrobe. Some of you love shopping and you are into it as much as I am and you just love doing it. Whatever the reason is there is always a very simple formula to choose the right outfits and not buy the stuff you wouldn't wear after or spend thousands or hundreds on outfits, accessories, bags, shoe hair, etc.

Here are the very top few things you need to follow:

1. Avoid Ordering Online Specific Items!

- What do I mean by this? So let's say you are searching for shoes, if you start searching online probably you will find thousands of options to buy shoes online. However, I don't recommend it very much because in my case I had very few times when my shopping was successful. Most of the time I didn't match the size or the color did not meet my expectations because sometimes it is not the same as it is in the pictures. 

Another thing is that very often buying dresses, pants, jeans, etc online might cost you issues if you don't match the size or you don't like the color in the daylight. Let me tell you why this is happening, it does because the clothes producers from different countries are having different sizes which means that if you buy size S from China and size S from Turkey would be a completely different feeling between both items. Usually Chinese are quite often smaller than usual, keep that in mind!

2. Always Check What You Have Available In Your Wardrobe!

- Before investing in something which you might already have always make sure to have a look over your wardrobe and see if you have similar items to what you are looking for. I am trying not to buy similar items as for me personally there is not much of a point to buy the same blouses in the same color every season! When checking let's say your jeans section, you might realize that you miss black or grey jeans.. so there you go, number one on your list.πŸ““

3. Check The Colors On Your Wardrobe!

- Try to change the color range in your wardrobe with the seasons. What I mean is basically don't use grey, beige, black, etc every season. This change will be also very refreshing for your mind and you would feel different which will allow you to be more creative in your working place.

4. See What Materials You Have Available And What You Don't Have!

- What do I mean? For example, if you have too much cotton, go for satin, if you have to much lama, go for polyester. However you should always check the trends every year to keep your wardrobe up to trend, that's why you should subscribe to my weekly emails to receive notifications for the new blogs coming in, or click here for my youtube channel😍.

5. Check The Upcoming Trends!

- This is obviously last but not least. I would suggest checking the trends on Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram. If you feel like it, drop a follow since I am always sharing the last trends in the fashion industry like colors, materials, designs, etc. I would say that Pinterest is my favorite when it comes to checking the trends and what's up next. It is a great platform for fashion, design, and creative people like myself and probably like yourself as well. I wouldn't recommend you to always follow all those famous commercial brands because I simply believe that most of the things they are presenting aren't the "top trend" and let's not forget that most of the time the "trends" aren't really what we are looking for.

Thanks for reading my blog today. 
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How To Create Unique Colourful Outfit? 🎨

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Another week, another blog on board. 😊

Hello and welcome to my channel.πŸ‘‹

Today I'd like to show you how to create a unique colorful outfit without too much thinking and effort. Well if you are ready let's get started, shall we?😊

Despite the fact that I am living in a hot country you can always create a colorful outfit no matter the season and the location you are located. My point is, don't be afraid to use colors because they make the outfit unique. 

Remember when I mentioned in one of my previous blogs that you should always pay attention to the colors in order to do unique combinations? That's the secret to the perfect outfit. If you follow those simple roles you will get your results in no time! 

Let me show you what I mean with my outfit idea below:

- What do we have here? A shirt with green, red and blue on it. The skirt is the same green as in the shirt. If you think about it, you can combine that shirt with a blue or red skirt as well! The bag? Well, the bag was just a consequence, I didn't buy it for that outfit but hey looks like it matches right? 😁
That's what I mean when I say "Pay attention to the details".
In design, this is very important! If you think about it details are everywhere around us. Even the environment outside has its details and everything makes sense in the space. 
If I can do it, you can do this as well! 

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Seasonal Fashion Bucket List πŸ“ 2023

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It's the end of October... yes that's right, time passes so fast, isn't it? 

Despite the fact that it is still summer in Malta and around 26 degrees during the day and 20 during the night I am going to give you some of my tips for your seasonal fashion bucket list.

Some of you might like autumn πŸ‚ but it is definitely not my time of the year as I prefer warm weather. So what you should have in your wardrobe pretty much depends on your needs not just on the trends. What I mean is this...just because something is trendy doesn't mean you should buy it. Some things I have from the previous years in my wardrobe collection are still valuable for season 2022 and more than wearable! 

However, I will still give you a few tips to follow so you can be always on track with the new trends and stylish for the season!

1. Leather Jacket, click to see:πŸ§₯ 

- The leather jacket is one of the best things you can own in your wardrobe for years and years and it will never go away from trend. Even though every year there are new models coming your leather jacket will never go out of trend as this is simply classic! So if you still don't own one, go ahead and get one! Some awesome affordable options are below:

A floral jacket in black or white option, click to see:

Classic black leather jacket, click to see:

Leather jackets in different colors are available, click to see:

2. Jeans, click to see:πŸ‘– 

- Jeans are our best friend every season right? Well yes, but I would suggest you get clear classic blue, white, black and grey jeans. These are the basic colors every outfit goes well with and you will never go wrong with such a choice! However, if some of you like colorful pants like me I am attaching a few options below at affordable prices.

Blue jeans, click to see: 

White jeans, click to see:

Black jeans, click to see:

Grey jeans, click to see:

If somebody likes the new "old" trend coming back, click to see:

3. Blazer, click to see.

- Blazers are one of my favorite top items in my wardrobe. I can successfully combine a blazer with just a t-shirt or a dress or go simply with jeans or a business skirt. So many options and just one item. 

Black blazer, click to see:

- I recently bought a red blazer from Stradivarius. The color is red and it literally goes with everything πŸ”₯
I always wanted to have such a color as a blazer and I definitely strongly recommend it! 

- I will soon include a blog with a video of all the blazers I own and I will create combinations available as an example so you can try them on. Comment below if you are interested! 

Let's go to the next:

4. Basic white t-shirt and a white shirt. 
- These two are always the perfect solutions for under the blazer or simply on the top of a business skirt! 

5. Scarf🧣 

- Scarf is always a great solution for every stylish woman or for a fast-going morning. Goes perfectly well on the top of a t-shirt or even with a simple dress. I personally have different colors of scarf and I love to go with different options and use the scarfs as accents for my outfits. Comment below if interested in a blog about the collection of scarfs. 

6. Black or beige heels πŸ‘  

- Black heels are not only classic in the fashion industry but classic in my fashion wardrobe! Why? Because it goes well with every outfit I wear. No matter if I am with jeans, a skirt, or a dress, black heels are always a great solution, plus it matches everything! Another thing, beige heels are also a great solution to combine outfits with. The beige color itself is a pastel color and it is the color that matches our skin so this is a perfect solution for every woman out there who doesn't like to have every possible color in her shoe wardrobe! 
Comment below if you want me to write a blog for my shoe collection with some fashion inspo combinations.

Thanks for reading my blog. 
Would love to hear your opinion! 

Explore Malta | Weekend Blog ❤️😍

 Welcome to my blog 😊
Today I will be sharing with you where I went and what I did this weekend. It was lovely Saturday weather here in Malta, sunny, warm, and a bit windy. 🌬 😁 

I live in Malta for already 3 years and I can say that every time I go out during the weekend I am always finding different stuff to do and it is almost never the same! Well, this weekend I decided to go to Blue Grotto for a nice sunny breakfast on the lovely sea view and from there for a small trip to Piscopo Gardens.  We then went to the mall to see what was new with the new trends around the shops but honestly, these two places were the most interesting part! 

Blue Grotto:

It is located in the south short distance from the fishing harbor limits of Wied Iz - Zurrieq. This place is magical and it can easily relieve all the stress you have! Just one look over the view and your mind will go in a different direction. I have to be honest this is not the first time I am visiting that place but every time I go it is just as magical as the first time when I saw it! 

Just at the beginning at the entrance, there was this very kind man who was showing his bird to the people and he was explaining how old she was and how he is taking care of her. Sadly I didn't take a photo with the bird but you can have a look at the video on YouTube below. 

Piscopo Gardens

Shortly after breakfast, we went to the north side of the island very close to Buggiba town to visit the Piscopo Gardens. I previously lived in Buggiba and I have to say I never had a chance to visit that lovely gardens but now when I had that chance I feel like I missed so much! It is "the place" to buy flowers and not just flowers but any kind you need and wishes to get. The center also had some parrots 🦜 free and we were able to see them out of their cage. It was lovely to experience and I definitely recommend you to visit the place, especially if you live in flowers.  πŸ’ 🌺 🌹 🌸 πŸ₯€ 

The breakfast I had at the Blue Grotto was very good and the view was also fantastic.

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Thanks 😊 

How To Create The Perfect Business Outfit?

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 Hello to my readers and welcome to my blog once again! 😘

Today I decided to share with you some fresh ideas for a business outfit when you have a meeting or interview for a job and you have no idea what to wear. Choosing the right outfit for such a meeting is always a challenge because it really depends on the job interview or the purpose of the meeting. However, since I am a designer and creator myself I will give you a few tips to follow so you can express yourself in the best way at those meetings and show the best version of yourself. 

When I say "the best version of yourself", what do I mean? I mean that in order to create your own style and way of wearing your clothes there is a key, a key which you would need to find on your own and then things will go on their way. So what is the key? 

1. Find your favorite most favorite colors for each season.

2. Your favorite shape.

3. Your favorite texture.

So what is that mean? What are those 3 things? These are the top three important examples that will help you to create the style of the outfit and this is the key to finding your own style, your own way to express the best version of yourself. 

Why this is so important?

1. Creating your own style is showing who you really are.

2. Creating your style will show the colors of your character.

3. Creating your own style will show your character and will make you different as a unique personality.

When I mentioned those top 3 things above, did you ask yourself the same questions? If not, please do! I haven't heard one single person telling me that he/she would like to copy-paste a style and look the exact same way as somebody else. If that's the case then that person has no personality and didn't find that key in itself just yet!

So when it comes to choosing the right outfit for specific occasions these are the main important things you need to remember. You don't need to buy something new every time you have an occasion. Open your wardrobe with your mind and your creativity and focus on the colors. 

What is important when looking for the right outfit in your wardrobe?

1. What is the weather like outside? Is it rainy, windy, or sunny? 

- The weather is super important when we are choosing an outfit. Let's say it is windy, well there is no possibility you can wear uprooted dress, so go for a tight skirt or pants.

2. What color do you feel like wearing today? 

- Example, every day I am waking up with a different idea for color, sometimes I want to wear red, sometimes I want to wear black. So wear however you feel like, this will make you feel different and will increase your self-confidence!

3. What is the purpose of the occasion?

- So if you have an interview or a meeting at work, obviously short skirts, pants and dresses shouldn't be your choice. So what I would suggest is:

1. Go for a business skirt

2. Go for beige or black pants

3. Go for a fitted dress with a belt in the middle.

Why did I mention those three above? Going for the business skirt is always a very good option in both cases, a work meeting or an interview. You will never be wrong going for such a choice. It is professional, sexy, and super stylish! 

Going for beige or black pants is a very good choice for basically every color you choose as a top. Because those colors match with every kind of color without complications, easy-easy! 😁

Going for a fit dress is always a good option and putting just a small accent is making it "wow"πŸ˜‰

For more inspiration check my Pinterest, Instagram, or TikTok accounts and subscribe to more YouTube videos to find your style and express the best version of yourself. 😊

A Weekend Exploring Gozo

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Welcome to my blog once again, 😚

Today I will show you how my weekend went in Gozo when I visited. It was a lovely summer day and what else can we do during the hot summer days? Malta is small but fascinating and full of surprises island, you can never be possibly bored here. Gozo is the sister island of Malta and it is smaller but not less interesting and exciting for visiting! Check the map below and you will how Malta and Gozo are extremely close to each other with Comino just in between them. By the way, another blog will be coming soon with exploring Comino and you will be able to see the clear waters and amazing nature I will be sharing. 

Below you can see the map of Malta, Gozo, and Comino:

Surely it probably looks very tiny to you when you look at the map at first but once you visit the islands and see how many opportunities there are here you would be nothing else but in love with the environment. The all-island is basically with architecture from ages and that's what makes it so special. My favorite buildings from the architecture here are the churches, incredible, amazing, beautiful, and historical. I can not possibly find the right words to describe how much I admire the beauty of the architecture here. 

I live in Malta for almost 4 years now and I can proudly say that I am feeling more than satisfied. I have nothing missing here, there is literally everything you need. Most importantly the economy of the island is very stable and the weather for those who like to live in hot places, Malta is the right place to live in.
Gozo on the other hand is very peaceful and there are not so many people living in there as there are in Malta but still enough crowded. You would be surprised how many young people choose Gozo to live in and work remotely from there. Since Malta is becoming such an interesting place for tourists from all around the world, I believe that sooner or later Gozo would become more attractive to tourists.

Our trip to Gozo started with visiting a small village called Ta'Dbiegi Crafts Village, however mostly everything was closed because it was a Sunday but it is a lovely place with small shops around where you can find even a small cute coffee with AC and delicious sweets with some nice cappuccino. The coffee somehow reminds me of the English one but that's probably because Malta was an English colony. This can be seen in the video attached below. 

We also visited the cliffs and we went on a small boat which was costing 4 euros a person to see the cliffs inside and under and it was incredible, very beautiful, I will definitely remember this for life! I would like to visit even one more time going under the cliffs because it is so relaxing and you just feel the nature around you and the beauty of the blue waters surrounding you.  Check the video to see the cliffs!

We then went to get some nice traditional Frita (pizza). This is a Gozotian pizza which is simply amazing! That Bacary is called Mekren's and it is established in 1899. Their bread and pizzas are made on a fire which I also included in the video. I can not express the taste of the food made in the Bacary but I can only tell you one word which is amazing!

We went to the beach called Ramla. That beach is very big with very nice sand, almost just like gold. However, when we enter the sea, we saw how rocky it is. The rocks are small and big and it is difficult at first but once we passed that part with the rocks there was only sand under and it was very peaceful and nice for swimming. I also would like to mention that there were some nice small fishes around, beautiful and very different from each other which means that the sea is clean! The nature here in Malta and Gozo is very beautiful! However, I recommend you to have shoes or sandals to be able to walk under the water because you might find even water urchins.

We also saw the sunset, πŸŒ… beautiful view is not enough to express the sunset on the island. It's just here that nature is different, it all looks so peaceful. The view from the ferry is also very nice, would be great if Malta decides to have ferry services ⛴ in between the cities because currently there is only Valletta - Sliema. However I strongly recommend you to try that ferry service even if it is only for 10 min, it's worth it! 

On the way back we also visited II-Fontana. This is basically a place laid on 29th January 1892 and it was consecrated 13 years later in 1904.  This place was used for washing clothes, however, you can still see some people using it even nowadays. I included all the videos in the vlog below so feel free to check it out!

To see the all environment and nature of Gozo I strongly recommend watching the full video with nice music in the background so you can enjoy it fully. 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, would love to hear them out!

How To Overcome When You Are Fired?

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 Hey everyone,
Welcome to my blog with another article but this time on a little bit different subject from travel and fashion, but let’s say this is my way of style to overcome difficult situations when needed.
If you go through my profile and the blogs that I write you would probably see how positive I am and you wouldn’t guess there is some issue in my life right? Well.. not exactly! Everybody is having issues and problems they are dealing with in their everyday life. And no matter how strong we are sometimes we just need to hear somebody else's opinion and point of view, just to see that we are not alone in this cruel world. 🌎
I started to write blogs and created my website not only because I love fashion but also because I have a passion for content creation and I’d like to give something to the people that read my blog, to give them a reason, to learn something from my experience and to bring inspiration.
So here is the thing. I lost my job just last Friday. Yeap you heard that rightπŸ‘‚ So what happened? Well, I used to work for an iGaming company in Malta for almost 10 months so far. I was working as a Marketing Coordinator in the marketing department of the company.
So on Friday I went to work as a very normal day of my life, did my coffee, sit on my deck, prepared my tasks for the day, checked my inbox πŸ“¨, etc. All of a sudden I am receiving an email from the HR of the company that I and one more colleague of mine need to visit the main office. Of course, my reaction was very calm and peaceful but from the inside, I have to tell you the truth my heart was beating so fast and I was very worried because I knew something is up!
And so we sat together, I saw my manager very upset and they just told us the truth that we are being deducted due to a company restructuring. You can imagine how I felt at this moment, I was very upset from the inside but instead, I showed a very big smile, kept my shoulders up and I said to myself “It’s okay you will get over this, you are strong!”
I signed the documents, went out of the office smiling to everyone, being extremely positive, went to my deck, took everything I had there as personal belongings, and went to leave the company computer proudly without showing any emotion! Of course, every and each of my colleagues was devastated and very sad about how things ended, everyone came to me with a big hug and great wishes. But instead of crying and showing how disappointed I was, I kept on smiling and showing that I am positive about this situation.
No matter where you are working, there will be always people jealous for something they don’t have but you do or for some other reason. So why am I saying that? I am saying that because believe me there were a lot of people hoping for me to break down, to show my emotion, to show my weakness, to fall apart. Well, guess what, I didn’t give them that satisfaction and will never do!
This is not the first time I am fired for one or another reason. During the years of my experience and everything, I have been through I learned to be strong, and to fight because these situations are teaching us to become stronger and when that happens we see life from different perspective!
So here is what I learned from my experience:

  1. Everything is happening for reason.
  1. Mistakes make us better people and make us who we are.
  1. Never give up, no matter what!
  1. Use what you’ve learned for your own advantage.
  1. Never ever show your weaknesses in front of others, especially in the working place. Why? Because they will take advantage of this and will use it against you!
  1. Always show that you are above the intrigues and words you hear against you, fight, be strong and leave self-confident!

Thank you for reading my blog today.
Let me know your thoughts or drop a follow. :)

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