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A walk around St. Julian's, Sliema, Valletta and Sanglea

 Hello again, Today I am going to show you a little walk around some of the cities in Malta and I hope you will enjoy my tour. As you already know I am based in Malta and the last weekend I have decided to take a tour because the weather was great. Speaking of weather most of the time here is warm and wonderful for walks, fun and different activities. It is almost December and the temperatures here are 17-18 degrees at the moment, but the previous weekend was warmer. I am usually spending most of my time in St. Julian's, Sliema, or Valletta as they are the most central places here in Malta, and most of the activities are there. But of course, there are other cities with interesting places to visit and different activities to try on.  The short tour in the video will show you some of the Maltese streets, places for swimming, walking, coffee, and social activities.  To be honest, no matter how small the island is, there is always a place to go and try new different things. I personal

8 Easy Outfits

  Hi everyone, Welcome to my blog.  Today I am going to show you a couple of options with great outfits. A bit mixed within the styles but very useful and pretty ones. I have included 8 outfits which you can wear for different occasions.   All right so let's get started. The first outfit is a dress I got from Kiabi stores, very colorful and I have to admit it's super comfortable. The textile is cotton and clearly doesn't have elastane (that's the material that makes the clothes elastic and tight.) Honestly, that makes the textile of the dress a bit slack as soon as I start to sit or stay a bit more with it but from the other side maybe that's what makes the dress so comfy. As you can see I have decided to combine the dress with the color yellow. By a chance, I have the same color jacket as the bag and it turns out to be a very good combination at least from my perspective. Let me know what are your thoughts in the comments below. The second outfit is blue jeans with

Why accessorises are so important for our outfit?

Today I will show you why accessories are so important for each daily outfit of our lives. Every day is a new day and each weather is allowing a different look every day. But why do we need accessories and how they are making our outfits different and special? Inspire yourself by having look at my combinations down below and giving your opinion in the comments. Blue is one of my favorite colors and this is one of the ways I use to combine this color in different nuances. The bag and the scarf could be combined with other colors as well such as grey, pink, white, red, etc. Pink is also the favorite color I use a lot in my daily outfits even for the office. I personally think that each color can be a good choice for an office look, depending on how it is combined with the correct accessories. I  love using belts and different colors of bags. The bag itself can be combined with different outfits and colors of clothes as well.I use it with white,black,grey,blue,green etc.. This is a kind o

How the heels are changing the outfit look?

Hi, guys so today I have decided to speak about types of shoe combinations specifically for heels. Why we are wearing heels, for what occasion, and how they are changing the outfit. We all know shoes are one of the most important parts of our wardrobe and they have a very important character for our outfit.  Know days I am noticing how most people prefer flat shoes such as trainers for an everyday outfit even at work and at the office. Honestly, trainers or flat shoes are very comfortable but when it comes to going to the office with them for me personally it is not professional and it can't possibly look good with office clothes. I guess what I am trying to say here is that there are shoes for every type of outfit. You can still wear a casual outfit with sports shoes but it's just doesn't match the office atmosphere. And also, when we are talking about heels, it doesn't necessarily mean that the heels have to be 8-10 cm, they can be super small and casual so this will
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