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Hi everyone,

Welcome to my blog. 

Today I am going to show you a couple of options with great outfits. A bit mixed within the styles but very useful and pretty ones. I have included 8 outfits which you can wear for different occasions.  

All right so let's get started.

The first outfit is a dress I got from Kiabi stores, very colorful and I have to admit it's super comfortable. The textile is cotton and clearly doesn't have elastane (that's the material that makes the clothes elastic and tight.) Honestly, that makes the textile of the dress a bit slack as soon as I start to sit or stay a bit more with it but from the other side maybe that's what makes the dress so comfy. As you can see I have decided to combine the dress with the color yellow. By a chance, I have the same color jacket as the bag and it turns out to be a very good combination at least from my perspective. Let me know what are your thoughts in the comments below.

The second outfit is blue jeans with white lines from Calliope and the white top blouse is from Tally Weijl. The bag is from a Turkish shop, I bought it when I was living in Istanbul for a while. On that day I was in sandals as you can see because it wasn't very cold on that day. Here the temperatures until the end of November are very warm, sometimes rainy but the weather is a good friend here :) 

The third outfit is a skirt and a blouse, the skirt I got from Stradivarius. The bag is from Accessories stores in Malta and I am successfully combining it with different outfits every day. 

Ok... Now the fourth outfit is purple, purple, purple... I love this color, don't you think? I am in love with the violet color and I am successfully combining it in so many different ways. The sweater I bought from Stradivarius and the jeans are from Jenifer. Honestly that belt I recently bought turned out to be a very good completion as well. I love the buttons of the sweater, that shiny look is making your outfit so classy. And yeah ... the shoes and the bag are also in violet purple color. πŸ˜€ 

Number five is the blazer ... That outfit is honestly so easy to combine and find probably easy to create. I purchased that blazer from Kiabi (you can see their website above) it has so many colors and it is very easy to combine with different blouses and colors. That jeans though are similar in color and I thought they will look great with just the basic T-shirt from Bershka.

Number six is something I was wearing just a few days ago... yeah the weather in Malta is that warm sometimes during the winter. That outfit is very summery considering that we are in NovemberπŸ˜‚. That outfit though it's from Bershka and it is colors, colors, and colors!

Number seven is a simple outfit, just a jean jacket, jeans, and a very cute white blouse, bought it from Turkey. It is with embroidery and that makes it very special. The bag is something I bought from a store in Malta, the color though suits very well with jeans.

And the last one is number eight, that outfit was for a meeting I had. The blouse is from River Island. I got it from the summer collection but it turned out to be a great deal for the Maltese weather though.🌞 The blouse looks very well with that black business skirt but it looks also very stylish with white or black jeans and heels. You can wear that type of blouse with a blazer or even a leather jacket. 

I am preparing a video with some of the outfits I got for those two weeks, stay tuned to get more ideas for your wardrobe.

I hope you liked my blog today,

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Let me know what are your thoughts in the comments below πŸ˜›

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