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The epic outfits from 1978 TODAY!

 Hi Fashion Lovers 😍 I had a chance finally to watch this epic movie "Grease" during the weekend, I wanted to do it since a very long time but somehow I never managed to do it. After I watched the film I have to say how impress I am by the fashion back then and how the trends didn't change much. What impressed me very much was the leather jackets and pants, the dresses and the shoes.  As we all know this season trendy colors are orange, green, pink, etc. Especially this year we have different colors of  leather jackets such as yellow, purple, red, green, blue etc. Well I honestly don't have from every color 😅 because I have preferences for the colors. Recently I bought this purple leather jacket and once I  combine it will show you some pictures and videos.  Now, I am sure that most of you knows that movie, but please take some time and have a look at the videoclip below. The fashion trends haven't change at all since then and if I had a clothes from back then I
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