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4 Fashion Tricks To Follow in 2022

You're probably asking your self what are those 4 tricks able to change your whole outfit right? Well... the reason why I have decided to write this blog is that I've heard many times "Accessories don't matter, for an outfit" or " I like it but I just don't know how to wear it".  As a stylist and fashion blogger, I can tell you that accessories do matter a lot, and having them in an outfit can change your point of view. What do I mean? Let's have a look at those tricks below, shall we? 1. Hair elastics Believe it or not, these can change your hair look into a better one and can be used as an accent that can be added to a color we are wearing. For example, in the below photo I am wearing the  orange outfit  and this automatically should pop up that we can combine with something within the same color. 2. Hair ribbons. - I personally adore these because they look so good on the hair especially if you put it up or just put it behind. It looks so clas

Four Great Places to Visit in Gozo Island 🌴

  🌴 GOZO   🌴 Hi there, ✋ You've probably heard about this place or you know it from your visit to Malta.  I live in Malta already 3 years and it is a great island apart from which we have Gozo and Comino. Today I will share my visit to Gozo which I did in February 2022. As we all know, Malta is not a very big island and you're probably surprised that I visited Gozo only a few times and still haven't visited Comino, but it is definitely on my future plans. During my visit in Gozo, I managed to visit only 4 places however there is so much more to see.  I will share some photos and videos from those 4 very interesting places. Enjoy 😀 1. Number one is The Maltese Ftira Pizza The first stop we had was Mekren Bakery as we were so hungry from the long trip (well not so long coming from Malta with the ferry but still 😅)  I have to say that this is the best Pizza I ever tried in my entire life. We all know that Italian's are the best in Pizza but this was great experience an
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