🏝 A Beach You Should Visit 🏖 Paradise Bay Malta 🇲🇹

Back with a new blog but this time for another beach located in Malta. 🇲🇹 
It is called Paradise Bay and it is probably one of the most attractive beaches in Malta and it is located near Cirkewwa.  

Some photos below:

It is a gorgeous sandy beach 🏖 surrounded by natural cliffs and water from the Meddeterenan sea 🌊  in turquoise and dark blue color. The beach offers wonderful views of the sister islands of Malta, Gozo, and Comino. 🏝  

I would say that it is very safe to swim here except that you should be careful with jellyfish around otherwise the water is very clean and the sea is very calm as the place where the beach is located in escaping the winds most of the time when there is a possibility for some windy weather. 💨 

The water at this beach is crystal clear and the place is very comfortable for families with kids as well.
Just beside the beach, there is a coffee bar where you can pick up something to eat or drink without going far away from where you settled. 

On the top of the beach, there are some cliffs and trees 🌳 which some people find much more comfortable than taking an umbrella ☂ as a protection from the sun.☀️ 

The beach itself is very clean and the sand is very well kept during the whole summer. However sometimes in Malta even during the summer, there are times with strong winds 💨 and this can be an issue when you really want to go to the beach and the weather is sunny and clear beside the wind. Therefore Paradise bay because of its geographic location is almost all the time very calm and peaceful so even if there is the wind that place can be a solution to have a good sunbathing day.☀️ 

And it is time for some nice photoshoots below for your curiosity: 😁

And of course, when I want to take a picture "by myself" this is almost impossible as you can see from the below images. 😁

Trial 1: 😁

Trial 2: 😁

Trial 3: 😁

Trial 4: 😁

The shoes I was wearing were those slippers for the beach 🏖  from Penty and I strongly recommend them as they are super comfy and perfect for the beach days. The material is able to get wet so you don't need to be worried if they go into the water by accident. I choose yellow as it was matching with the bag I recently bought for the beach.

On the way back we did a selfie with my nephew and my boyfriend in the car was such a fun day. 😊

Thanks for reading my blog. ☺️ 

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