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How To Create Your Own Style

You're probably thinking why do I need to create a style when there are so many out there in every shop on every corner in every video on the internet in every post on social media, right? Well, it's true that you can find a different style every day somewhere on the internet area but that doesn't make the choice of clothes for your wardrobe so easy!  Think about it that way, imagine you are entering a shop full of beige, black, and white colors, but you hate those colors and you definitely want something more colorful. Then you would need to enter a different shop right? Exactly, that is why every person has their own style because it has their own preferences for style, color, type of texture, etc.  That is why we need to create our own style. When choosing clothes, shoes, hairstyles, and accessories we need to choose them according to our personality. Why? Because creating our own style is expressing our true selves and it's making the world see through our soul.  He

My Experience With Covid - 19 Disease

 Hi guys, 👋 Today my blog will be on a little bit different subject and that is my experience during the Covid - 19 disease. Yeap .. unfortunately, I caught the bloody virus and I wanted to express my experience during the sickness. It all started when I went to that party a week ago, a pool party located in Malta. The party was offering plenty of food, nice people, cool music, mini golf ⛳️ massages, and a great environment. It was all great, I was having a couple of cocktails, dancing around with people, totally forgetting that there was still a pandemic going on over there and that I should be careful. I mean for the past 3 years nothing happen to me, not to mention that I didn't even travel, I didn't go out, and basically, that was my first party after the global pandemic. Honestly, it didn't even come to my mind that something might happen and I might get sick and catch the bloody virus. And here we go.😁 The party was on a Wednesday, exactly two days after so Friday e

Top 3 Products To Buy

In today's blog, I will include 5 products I bought that made my life easier.  Just so you know I decided to buy everything in pink color and I spend no more than 35 euros 😁 Let's get started, shall we.😁 1. Mini Ventilator. - Okay, I know what you are thinking. 😁 Why on the earth I would buy such a thing and what for right? Well, that's what I thought as well when I bought it but it turns out to be a very handy thing at work or at home in case you don't have an AC, or even in public transport as you can actually carry it around without the USB, cool right? And guess what, it costs only 10 euros .. amazing! Get yours in the link below.👇  2. Wireless Headphones. - Okay, I know this is not something new but considering the fact how expensive earphones might be those days especially if they are apples. However what I ordered is not branded and probably not of good quality at all, but this week I was in the mood for shopping for cheap stuff and I found super cute earphon

8 Tips To Bring Back Your Motivation At Work

  If you are working somewhere for more than 6 months you are probably past the exciting process of starting the job, getting to know everybody, and waiting for the next week to see what new might happen right? Well, we all know that whenever you are working in whichever field at one point it is all turning into one daily routine. Therefore we always have to try to keep ourselves alive and motivated for the next week and make ourselves feel comfortable in our working place so we can work with pleasure. By the way, this article might help people who don't like their job and need the motivation to keep going. However, whether you like your job or not this article might help you to like your current or future job at least a little bit and maybe keep it in the future. Let's see which are those 8 tips to bring back your motivation at work. 👇 1. Drink more! 🍸 - When we are working and we are busy during the day sometimes we forget to drink water and another type of drinks which doe
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