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My Experience With Covid - 19 Disease

 Hi guys, 👋

Today my blog will be on a little bit different subject and that is my experience during the Covid - 19 disease. Yeap .. unfortunately, I caught the bloody virus and I wanted to express my experience during the sickness. It all started when I went to that party a week ago, a pool party located in Malta. The party was offering plenty of food, nice people, cool music, mini golf ⛳️ massages, and a great environment. It was all great, I was having a couple of cocktails, dancing around with people, totally forgetting that there was still a pandemic going on over there and that I should be careful. I mean for the past 3 years nothing happen to me, not to mention that I didn't even travel, I didn't go out, and basically, that was my first party after the global pandemic. Honestly, it didn't even come to my mind that something might happen and I might get sick and catch the bloody virus. And here we go.😁

The party was on a Wednesday, exactly two days after so Friday evening I started to feel super cold on the beach while I was in the water. It didn't pass much time and soon after I started to feel extremely tired and with a very big headache. I swear I never had such a headache until now. I felt so tired and exhausted that all I wanted to do was go back home and sleep as much as I can. That evening I had an appetite but not for long because a few hours later the fever started. My all body was burning I feel like I had more than 38 degrees of fever. However, I started to drink pills and vitamins in order to prevent that high fever. On the next day, I started to have a cough as well and of course, a blocked nose. in my case the fever continued for 3 days, but the coughing and the blocked nose a few days after. Here I'd like to mention that the feeling of extreme tiredness is always there and never leaves until a week passes. After already a week at home I feel much better, less tired but no taste and no smell. I lost my smell and taste somewhere in the middle of the week. The worse thing is that this affects my appetite and I could hardly eat something, but I forced myself to do so otherwise I would have ended up in hospital. 

Honestly, as soon as the bad effect passes which is the fever all the other symptoms are constantly changing. Every day something new happens. Fever, tiredness, cough, the pain almost everywhere and on every spot of the body, no smell, and taste, no appetite, diarrhea, etc.

What I would recommend:

1. Drink paracetamols for the fever but don't drink if it is less than 38, 39. Let it burn the virus until the end as much as you can. That way it will finish faster.

2. Make a hot and nice veggie soup. Put all the possible veggies you can find in the fridge. However, you can also use the frozen veggies with some rise. If possible add some brokolli. That soup will give you a lot of strength and will make you feel better.

3. Drink a lot of water. 💧 It is extremely important to drink water when we are sick. Try to drink at least 2 liters a day.

4. Take syrup immediately after you feel the coughing, don't wait too much otherwise it will get worse.

5. Drink every day 1000 mg of Vitamin C. This will help your body bring back its strength. This is the first thing you need to drink as soon as you wake up in the morning. Try to drink it with no pause in between.

6. Drink vitamins regularly. Okay, maybe I should write another blog about the vitamins and their regular drinking but drinking vitamins on a regular basis will help you to go through the viruses easily and will give you all the needed which your body wants. Think about it, it is impossible to have all the needed vitamins for our body with our stressful life so it is important to have them in our daily routine. 

These are my recommendations and my advice for that type of virus.😊

I hope you liked my blog today.😉

Let me know in the comments section what are your thoughts.😊


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