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Saturday Vlog / Blue Grotto / Piscopo Gardens Malta

 Welcome to my blog 😊 Today I will be sharing with you where I went and what I did this weekend. It was lovely Saturday weather here in Malta, sunny, warm, and a bit windy. 🌬 😁  I live in Malta for already 3 years and I can say that every time I go out during the weekend I am always finding different stuff to do and it is almost never the same! Well, this weekend I decided to go to Blue Grotto for a nice sunny breakfast on the lovely sea view and from there for a small trip to Piscopo Gardens.  We then went to the mall to see what was new with the new trends around the shops but honestly, these two places were the most interesting part!  Blue Grotto: It is located in the south short distance from the fishing harbor limits of Wied Iz - Zurrieq. This place is magical and it can easily relieve all the stress you have! Just one look over the view and your mind will go in a different direction. I have to be honest this is not the first time I am visiting that place but every time I go it

How To Create The Perfect Business Outfit?

 Hello to my readers and welcome to my blog once again! 😘 Today I decided to share with you some fresh ideas for a business outfit when you have a meeting or interview for a job and you have no idea what to wear. Choosing the right outfit for such a meeting is always a challenge because it really depends on the job interview or the purpose of the meeting. However, since I am a designer and creator myself I will give you a few tips to follow so you can express yourself in the best way at those meetings and show the best version of yourself.  When I say "the best version of yourself", what do I mean? I mean that in order to create your own style and way of wearing your clothes there is a key, a key which you would need to find on your own and then things will go on their way. So what is the key?  1. Find your favorite most favorite colors for each season. 2. Your favorite shape. 3. Your favorite texture. So what is that mean? What are those 3 things? These are the top three im

A Weekend Exploring Gozo

  Welcome to my blog once again, 😚 Today I will show you how my weekend went in Gozo when I visited. It was a lovely summer day and what else can we do during the hot summer days? Malta is small but fascinating and full of surprises island, you can never be possibly bored here. Gozo is the sister island of Malta and it is smaller but not less interesting and exciting for visiting! Check the map below and you will how Malta and Gozo are extremely close to each other with Comino just in between them. By the way, another blog will be coming soon with exploring Comino and you will be able to see the clear waters and amazing nature I will be sharing.  Below you can see the map of Malta, Gozo, and Comino: Surely it probably looks very tiny to you when you look at the map at first but once you visit the islands and see how many opportunities there are here you would be nothing else but in love with the environment. The all-island is basically with architecture from ages and that's what m

How To Overcome When You Are Fired?

  Hey everyone, Welcome to my blog with another article but this time on a little bit different subject from travel and fashion, but let’s say this is my way of style to overcome difficult situations when needed. If you go through my profile and the blogs that I write you would probably see how positive I am and you wouldn’t guess there is some issue in my life right? Well.. not exactly! Everybody is having issues and problems they are dealing with in their everyday life. And no matter how strong we are sometimes we just need to hear somebody else's opinion and point of view, just to see that we are not alone in this cruel world. 🌎 I started to write blogs and created my website not only because I love fashion but also because I have a passion for content creation and I’d like to give something to the people that read my blog, to give them a reason, to learn something from my experience and to bring inspiration. So here is the thing. I lost my job just last Friday. Yeap you heard
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