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How To Overcome When You Are Fired?

  Hey everyone, Welcome to my blog with another article but this time on a little bit different subject from travel and fashion, but let’s say this is my way of style to overcome difficult situations when needed. If you go through my profile and the blogs that I write you would probably see how positive I am and you wouldn’t guess there is some issue in my life right? Well.. not exactly! Everybody is having issues and problems they are dealing with in their everyday life. And no matter how strong we are sometimes we just need to hear somebody else's opinion and point of view, just to see that we are not alone in this cruel world. 🌎 I started to write blogs and created my website not only because I love fashion but also because I have a passion for content creation and I’d like to give something to the people that read my blog, to give them a reason, to learn something from my experience and to bring inspiration. So here is the thing. I lost my job just last Friday. Yeap you heard
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