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Should I grow or should I stay where I am in my career?

Ok. So I have wanted to write on that subject for a long time and I guess never had the inspiration to do so. We all have been through those periods where we start new jobs, try new things, and even change the industry to improve our career goals and reach a better position in life. But are we doing it because we want to or because we are pushed because of some circumstances? In both of the options, we always have a choice. I've heard people telling me:  "Well .. they promoted me to that position but I didn't want to grow, I wish I could stay in my previous position".  So my question is, why didn't you stay? Why did you agree to change your position if you don't want it in the first place?  And I am asking these questions because this person who was promoted and doesn't seem to want that promotion is keeping someone else's dream or goal. My point is if you don't want something, then don't do it, don't accept that job or offer just because y
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