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8 Easy Outfits

  Hi everyone, Welcome to my blog.  Today I am going to show you a couple of options with great outfits. A bit mixed within the styles but very useful and pretty ones. I have included 8 outfits which you can wear for different occasions.   All right so let's get started. The first outfit is a dress I got from Kiabi stores, very colorful and I have to admit it's super comfortable. The textile is cotton and clearly doesn't have elastane (that's the material that makes the clothes elastic and tight.) Honestly, that makes the textile of the dress a bit slack as soon as I start to sit or stay a bit more with it but from the other side maybe that's what makes the dress so comfy. As you can see I have decided to combine the dress with the color yellow. By a chance, I have the same color jacket as the bag and it turns out to be a very good combination at least from my perspective. Let me know what are your thoughts in the comments below. The second outfit is blue jeans with
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