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My Experience With Covid - 19 Disease

 Hi guys, 👋 Today my blog will be on a little bit different subject and that is my experience during the Covid - 19 disease. Yeap .. unfortunately, I caught the bloody virus and I wanted to express my experience during the sickness. It all started when I went to that party a week ago, a pool party located in Malta. The party was offering plenty of food, nice people, cool music, mini golf ⛳️ massages, and a great environment. It was all great, I was having a couple of cocktails, dancing around with people, totally forgetting that there was still a pandemic going on over there and that I should be careful. I mean for the past 3 years nothing happen to me, not to mention that I didn't even travel, I didn't go out, and basically, that was my first party after the global pandemic. Honestly, it didn't even come to my mind that something might happen and I might get sick and catch the bloody virus. And here we go.😁 The party was on a Wednesday, exactly two days after so Friday e

Do What You Hate The Most?

Today I am going to speak about a little bit more different subject than usual. This blog is not for fashion or travel it's more about personal thoughts and opinions.  Have you heard somebody telling you that you should do what you hate most? I did hear that before many times, and I have to say that I am not so happy about it. Let me tell you why I am against it... When I was in primary school I wanted to be a writer and fashion designer, when I was in high school I also wanted to be the same and I was very creative as a person. Somehow I always wanted to become a writer and designer, this is what I am strong at and this is something meaningful for me.  My father always wanted me to be a lawyer, I never wanted that. I have a bigger passion for fashion, art, design, writing, etc. Basically, everything that's not law and statistic type of jobs. Although I am not working on what I truly want right now I am also happy with my job because I am working in the Marketing section and it
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