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Today I will be sharing with you where I went and what I did this weekend. It was lovely Saturday weather here in Malta, sunny, warm, and a bit windy. 🌬 😁 

I live in Malta for already 3 years and I can say that every time I go out during the weekend I am always finding different stuff to do and it is almost never the same! Well, this weekend I decided to go to Blue Grotto for a nice sunny breakfast on the lovely sea view and from there for a small trip to Piscopo Gardens.  We then went to the mall to see what was new with the new trends around the shops but honestly, these two places were the most interesting part! 

Blue Grotto:

It is located in the south short distance from the fishing harbor limits of Wied Iz - Zurrieq. This place is magical and it can easily relieve all the stress you have! Just one look over the view and your mind will go in a different direction. I have to be honest this is not the first time I am visiting that place but every time I go it is just as magical as the first time when I saw it! 

Just at the beginning at the entrance, there was this very kind man who was showing his bird to the people and he was explaining how old she was and how he is taking care of her. Sadly I didn't take a photo with the bird but you can have a look at the video on YouTube below. 

Piscopo Gardens

Shortly after breakfast, we went to the north side of the island very close to Buggiba town to visit the Piscopo Gardens. I previously lived in Buggiba and I have to say I never had a chance to visit that lovely gardens but now when I had that chance I feel like I missed so much! It is "the place" to buy flowers and not just flowers but any kind you need and wishes to get. The center also had some parrots 🦜 free and we were able to see them out of their cage. It was lovely to experience and I definitely recommend you to visit the place, especially if you live in flowers.  💐 🌺 🌹 🌸 🥀 

The breakfast I had at the Blue Grotto was very good and the view was also fantastic.

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Thanks 😊 

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