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My Experience With Covid - 19 Disease

 Hi guys, 👋 Today my blog will be on a little bit different subject and that is my experience during the Covid - 19 disease. Yeap .. unfortunately, I caught the bloody virus and I wanted to express my experience during the sickness. It all started when I went to that party a week ago, a pool party located in Malta. The party was offering plenty of food, nice people, cool music, mini golf ⛳️ massages, and a great environment. It was all great, I was having a couple of cocktails, dancing around with people, totally forgetting that there was still a pandemic going on over there and that I should be careful. I mean for the past 3 years nothing happen to me, not to mention that I didn't even travel, I didn't go out, and basically, that was my first party after the global pandemic. Honestly, it didn't even come to my mind that something might happen and I might get sick and catch the bloody virus. And here we go.😁 The party was on a Wednesday, exactly two days after so Friday e
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