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4 Fashion Tricks To Follow in 2022

You're probably asking your self what are those 4 tricks able to change your whole outfit right? Well... the reason why I have decided to write this blog is that I've heard many times "Accessories don't matter, for an outfit" or " I like it but I just don't know how to wear it".  As a stylist and fashion blogger, I can tell you that accessories do matter a lot, and having them in an outfit can change your point of view. What do I mean? Let's have a look at those tricks below, shall we? 1. Hair elastics Believe it or not, these can change your hair look into a better one and can be used as an accent that can be added to a color we are wearing. For example, in the below photo I am wearing the  orange outfit  and this automatically should pop up that we can combine with something within the same color. 2. Hair ribbons. - I personally adore these because they look so good on the hair especially if you put it up or just put it behind. It looks so clas
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