How To Create The Perfect Business Outfit?

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 Hello to my readers and welcome to my blog once again! 😘

Today I decided to share with you some fresh ideas for a business outfit when you have a meeting or interview for a job and you have no idea what to wear. Choosing the right outfit for such a meeting is always a challenge because it really depends on the job interview or the purpose of the meeting. However, since I am a designer and creator myself I will give you a few tips to follow so you can express yourself in the best way at those meetings and show the best version of yourself. 

When I say "the best version of yourself", what do I mean? I mean that in order to create your own style and way of wearing your clothes there is a key, a key which you would need to find on your own and then things will go on their way. So what is the key? 

1. Find your favorite most favorite colors for each season.

2. Your favorite shape.

3. Your favorite texture.

So what is that mean? What are those 3 things? These are the top three important examples that will help you to create the style of the outfit and this is the key to finding your own style, your own way to express the best version of yourself. 

Why this is so important?

1. Creating your own style is showing who you really are.

2. Creating your style will show the colors of your character.

3. Creating your own style will show your character and will make you different as a unique personality.

When I mentioned those top 3 things above, did you ask yourself the same questions? If not, please do! I haven't heard one single person telling me that he/she would like to copy-paste a style and look the exact same way as somebody else. If that's the case then that person has no personality and didn't find that key in itself just yet!

So when it comes to choosing the right outfit for specific occasions these are the main important things you need to remember. You don't need to buy something new every time you have an occasion. Open your wardrobe with your mind and your creativity and focus on the colors. 

What is important when looking for the right outfit in your wardrobe?

1. What is the weather like outside? Is it rainy, windy, or sunny? 

- The weather is super important when we are choosing an outfit. Let's say it is windy, well there is no possibility you can wear uprooted dress, so go for a tight skirt or pants.

2. What color do you feel like wearing today? 

- Example, every day I am waking up with a different idea for color, sometimes I want to wear red, sometimes I want to wear black. So wear however you feel like, this will make you feel different and will increase your self-confidence!

3. What is the purpose of the occasion?

- So if you have an interview or a meeting at work, obviously short skirts, pants and dresses shouldn't be your choice. So what I would suggest is:

1. Go for a business skirt

2. Go for beige or black pants

3. Go for a fitted dress with a belt in the middle.

Why did I mention those three above? Going for the business skirt is always a very good option in both cases, a work meeting or an interview. You will never be wrong going for such a choice. It is professional, sexy, and super stylish! 

Going for beige or black pants is a very good choice for basically every color you choose as a top. Because those colors match with every kind of color without complications, easy-easy! 😁

Going for a fit dress is always a good option and putting just a small accent is making it "wow"😉

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