Saturday Night Outfit Inspiration 🌺

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Hey folks,

Today I am going to show you an outfit for the weekend from which you will get inspired and you won't think what to wear on a Saturday or Friday evening. This outfit is so easy that will make your choice more than amazing! Are you ready? See the video below and let me know in the comments what you think so far about this look!

I honestly don't want to think of a full combination such as pants and a top or a skirt and a top therefore I am just trying to buy dresses. The dresses that I am choosing most of the time are just simple with one color and a very comfy material such as cotton or satin. On hot days, it is always better to choose such texture as it is getting really hot, especially on islands like Malta. πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ή 
The shoes that I choose for this outfit are pink and a little bit sparkly:

When I am buying shoes I am always trying to choose colors and shapes that are able to be combined with almost everything! I suggest you avoid colors of shoes such as too much pink or red. This won't be a good choice and most of the time you will just lock the shoes in the wardrobe without wearing them. Shoes with pastel colors or just gold and silver are a great choice for every outfit even just for daily outfits.

The bag that I choose is a rainbow 🌈. Having this bag is amazing as I can combine it with different colors of clothes and shoes and it is sparkly therefore with these shoes goes perfectly fine.
My hair and make-up were very simple as I always wear simple and never something too much. 

If you want me to do more blogging tips for outfits let me know in the comments below.

How To Create Your Own Style

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You're probably thinking why do I need to create a style when there are so many out there in every shop on every corner in every video on the internet in every post on social media, right?

Well, it's true that you can find a different style every day somewhere on the internet area but that doesn't make the choice of clothes for your wardrobe so easy! 

Think about it that way, imagine you are entering a shop full of beige, black, and white colors, but you hate those colors and you definitely want something more colorful. Then you would need to enter a different shop right? Exactly, that is why every person has their own style because it has their own preferences for style, color, type of texture, etc. 

That is why we need to create our own style. When choosing clothes, shoes, hairstyles, and accessories we need to choose them according to our personality. Why? Because creating our own style is expressing our true selves and it's making the world see through our soul. 

Here are a few tips to follow when styling an outfit:

1. Think about your favorite color. If you choose more than one that's great! Now imagine yourself wearing that colors, what would you like the clothes to be?

2. Get a few ideas for different styles in your head and go out there and start trying! Until you don't start to try different options for yourself and your wardrobe you won't find the perfect style which suits you. So don't be afraid and go out there to show us what you got! 

3. Choose a few bags and pear of shoes that you can combine with the already chosen outfits for your wardrobe. Having a choice is always great, don't be afraid to buy a few pears, this will allow you to change each and every outfit every time you style a look!

4. Always follow the trends! 

Yes! Following the trends is important not only because it will keep you updated with what's out there but also because it will give you more and more ideas of what else you might like! 

Below, I am attaching my youtube channel and my last video about that subject if you would like to know more and see some samples:

Thanks for reading and watching my blog today. 😊
Let me know in the comments below what are your thoughts. πŸ’‹

Top 3 Products To Buy

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In today's blog, I will include 5 products I bought that made my life easier. 

Just so you know I decided to buy everything in pink color and I spend no more than 35 euros 😁

Let's get started, shall we.😁

1. Mini Ventilator.

- Okay, I know what you are thinking. 😁
Why on the earth I would buy such a thing and what for right? Well, that's what I thought as well when I bought it but it turns out to be a very handy thing at work or at home in case you don't have an AC, or even in public transport as you can actually carry it around without the USB, cool right? And guess what, it costs only 10 euros .. amazing!
Get yours in the link below.πŸ‘‡ 

2. Wireless Headphones.

- Okay, I know this is not something new but considering the fact how expensive earphones might be those days especially if they are apples. However what I ordered is not branded and probably not of good quality at all, but this week I was in the mood for shopping for cheap stuff and I found super cute earphones in pink color. Attaching the below ones I got super cheap but so far so good.πŸ‘‡

3. Pink Termo Cup for Coffee. 😁

- Very useful for the deck at work, the walk outside or just to make your life pinker.😁
No, seriously though, during the pandemic I realized how important it is to have your own cup as you can imagine working with a lot of people in the office and sharing the same kitchen, it's probably not the best idea to use the same cups. Obviously, I am not able to provide you with the same link as my cup but here are some nice cups to order below at super cheap prices!

All right, so these were my top 3 products to get for this week and I am more than happy with my purchase as I didn't spend much but I am enjoying the products and I am using them constantly.
Let me know in the comments below if you tried any of these or some other different products.
Also, let me know what blogs you would like to read more and leave your ideas below. Let's share some experiences together. 😊😍

8 Tips To Bring Back Your Motivation At Work

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If you are working somewhere for more than 6 months you are probably past the exciting process of starting the job, getting to know everybody, and waiting for the next week to see what new might happen right? Well, we all know that whenever you are working in whichever field at one point it is all turning into one daily routine. Therefore we always have to try to keep ourselves alive and motivated for the next week and make ourselves feel comfortable in our working place so we can work with pleasure. By the way, this article might help people who don't like their job and need the motivation to keep going. However, whether you like your job or not this article might help you to like your current or future job at least a little bit and maybe keep it in the future. Let's see which are those 8 tips to bring back your motivation at work. πŸ‘‡

1. Drink more! 🍸

- When we are working and we are busy during the day sometimes we forget to drink water and another type of drinks which doesn't lead our health and energy to a good point. When I say drink more I don't mean coffee only but tea, juices, milk, smoothies, and a lot of water.πŸ’§ 

Ideally, per day we need to drink a minimum of 1.5 liters of water to keep our body and immune system on track. It would be good to exclude the coffee and tea from that 1.5-liter daily water budget. By the way, I am not very good at keeping that rule and promise to myself but I am trying to since I know it is good for my health and, to be honest, I feel much better when I drink more water and other drinks. That keeps me away from the heavy feeling as well after lunch. I am also going to give you a tip to motivate yourself to drink more.

Get yourself a new glass for a coffee and water. Choose a different color and keeping your drinks beside you on your deck will keep you motivated and healthy!

2. Listen to Music!

- It's true! Even science is proving that 20 min of listening to music per day motivates people and keeps their mood up. I personally am listening to music for more than 20 min per day as I am working in Marketing and Digital activities therefore I need to concentrate and isolate myself in order to make my job done. Usually, when I am writing I prefer to listen to music as it keeps my concentration and motivation always high. I would strongly recommend listening to Suits Sounds Tracks ( yes it is from the movie "Suits"). I am leaving links below to some of my favorite tracks which I am listening while working if you would like to try:

3. Add flowers and personal belongings you love!

- Adding personal belongings to your deck is going to make you feel more like you own it and this will bring you comfort. Yes! Comfort is very important at our working place, that is why I am looking forward when I going to have my own office one day, with my own furniture. I suggest you to put something you really like, for example, a flower. Did you know that cactus is taking all the negativity and it is really good to have one, especially at work? 🌡 Try and see how it goes.😚

 4. Clean your deck

- During the pandemic we learned to be a little bit more responsible when cleaning and disinfecting everything surrounding us but it shouldn't be always because of the pandemic situation or the viruses around us. Cleaning your working space will bring you more comfort and will make it look better. Think about it, imagine you are working with clients and they see all that mess around you. What is the chance to bring that client a second time in your office? Or worse, what is the chance of having another client who got that advice from the same client who came to you in the first place? Let me tell you;

1 client = 10 clients!

5. Get Notepad

- It is not old school, trust me! I a have personal notepad where I keep all the important notes myself self. I know I can keep a reminder on my email but sometimes it is just more comfortable for me to have everything written down by hand. That way makes me remember things easier! Every person has a different way of memories, this is my way. Also I can always carry it when I have meetings with the team or simply if I want to write down an important note during the meeting but don't want to type on the keyboard. I am also using those nice colorful sticky notes. Best friends for the notepad, trust me. In that way, you will never forget the important points of the week. 

6. Choose the place you wish in the office 

- The position of your deck is very important, trust me! If you are not placed in a position you are feeling comfortable in the office, you are risking losing concentration. If you like to say in a shade then that is the place you should choose, the opposite as well, if you prefer the sun then you should choose a sunny and nice spot. I prefer to be more isolated, to be honest, so I can concentrate on my tasks and be more productive with the content I am creating. Sitting close to a window is a very good decision, that way you can be closer to fresh air when you need it and sunlight which is more healthy than the lamps in the office.

7. Get a comfy chair

- Sitting on a comfortable chair is not only opening up your mind and concentration but also makes your back straight! It is extremely important for the position of the body to be straight while working! That way also makes you write better on your notepads and on your laptop or desktop. Never put your computer down, it should be always on the same line as your eyes. You can also purchase some nice cushions for your back to make you feel more comfortable and keep your back straight at all times! See? Another thing to love about your deck at work. πŸ’ͺ

8.Eat healthily!

-  Food is very important while we are in the office. Here is also very important to mention that it is very good if you take some vitamins as well such as magnesium, calcium, multivitamins, etc. It is not also important for the immune system but also for the brain to work during the day. And by the way, it allows you to wake up easier in the morning even if you sleep less than usual. 

Avoid eating heavy foods such as burgers and fries. The junk food will make you not only sleepy but tired as well and won't allow your brain to work properly as you are not providing the needed vitamins in order to make it work. Instead, try to replace the junk food with some salads and veggies or even fish and some nice chicken or red meat. Avoid too much sugar as well because this will reduce your blood sugar and won't keep you on track. Of course, a little sugar won't hurt anyone but as long as it's not too much everything should be under control. Again, I am not a foodie expert but I am just sharing some personal thoughts and experiences here. 

9. Wear more preventative at work as much as possible!

- Last but not last. Wasn't sure if I have to mention this but I decided to add that point as extra at the end of this article. 

You know those days most companies won't make it obligatory for their employees to wear the uniform or specific kind of outfits at the office. (at least not in the places where I've worked.) Instead, you can wear whatever you want but of course not pajamas or ugly jeans and a t-shirt which are not presentable for the companies. However, keeping your outfit good and clean will make your self-confidence high and elf confidence is very important for motivation at work.

You know what they say:

"People welcome you by the way you look and they send you by the way you behave."

Thanks for reading my blog.πŸ’—

5 Amazon Products Worth Buy

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 Hi everyone,πŸ‘‹

In today's blog, I'd like to recommend 5 great Amazon products to buy for Summer 2022. This year's summer trends are probably one of my top favorites in the past few years. Mainly the trends are a lot of colors, flowers, and different combinations.

1. Flower Dresses 

- These kinds of floral dresses are a great solution for the hot summer days in the office or just for a casual lunch or dinner outside.  I am adding three dresses below which I personally would suggest for summer 2022. πŸ‘‡

2. Summer skirt.

- Summer skirts are perfectly fine to be combined for the summer for the days in the office. An outfit with these kinds of skirts is always comfortable for the hot days outside and in the meantime, they look extremely cute and are a good solution for our office daily meetings or just for a coffee after work.
Below are 3 examples of what I suggest:πŸ‘‡


3. Summer pants.

- Okay, I know it sounds "to hot" when you think about it but trusts me if you choose the right material and fabric you won't feel the hot days through your legs that much.
Summer pants always look fancy and stylish especially when there are some windy days for example what we have here in Malta quite often. 
Bellow, I am showing 3 examples of summer pants that I am strongly recommending:πŸ‘‡

4. Summer Tops

- Summer tops are always a great solution for a skirt, pants even jeans and shorts during the summer.
The top can change the full look of your outfit. If you choose colorful tops and if you buy for example 3 this month, you can make 5 to 6 different outfits. How is that possible? Well with some tips I shared in my previous blog you will easily get there with amazing outfits as result. Bellow, I am linking 3 amazing tops for this summer!:πŸ‘‡

5. Summer Jumpsuits

- Summer jumpsuits are the perfect solution when you just don't want to think of a combination between a top and a skirt or as I said above when it is just windy. Jumpsuits look very cool and perfect for any occasion even for a day in the office. Remember, just because you are in the office doesn't mean you can't wear colors and different outfits. Jumpsuits are comfortable for daily office meetings as well.
Bellow I am attaching 3 jumpsuits to order for your wardrobe:πŸ‘‡

πŸŒ… 18 Office Outfits For The Hot Summer πŸŒ…

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 Hi there, πŸ‘‹

Did you ever had a hard time when choosing the proper outfit for work and especially in the summer? πŸ€”

If yes then this blog might be the right solution for you.😊

On summer days especially in a place where the temperatures reach at least 40 degrees can be difficult to choose the right outfit in order to feel comfortable and cool for the office days.

To be honest I am always careful when shopping for myself because I am 5 days in a week at the office and only 2 away from it. This means I have only two days of the week (the weekend) to relax and wear something more casual. Therefore I am always choosing clothes which are suitable for both work and weekends.😍  In today's blog I am going to show you exactly what I mean. 

1. A summer. dress such as the below one is a good solution for the hot days even in the office. Despite the fact that it has so many colors it allows you to think about what other colors you can use to make a great combination.  

2. Floral dress as well but from a different kind. Trust me you will never go wrong if you buy one of these.

3. And yes! Another flower dress below which can be easily combined not only with a nice blazer but with some nice belt or even left like that wouldn't be wrong! 

4. What we have here is a jumpsuit. I am telling you this is one of the most comfortable things when it's windy 🌬  out there. No possibility of your underwear being shown off in the middle of the street while crossing the lights for example. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­

5.  A red lace dress. Always the perfect outfit for an office Friday and date after!πŸ’‹πŸ’„❤️ 

6. Yes I like flowers.πŸ˜‚
A flower skirt with a different color blouse on the top as a combination can never go wrong if you are in the office. That way you will escape the need to change after work. πŸ˜‰

7. A flower blouse and a nice color skirt. Believe it or not, that blouse can be combined with jeans shorts, jeans or just a nice pink skirt for the weekend. That type of skirt is great for the office even when you have a meeting. πŸ˜‰ 

8. A set of skirts and blazers. The perfect combination for the office especially when there is AC around always ON. πŸ˜† With this kind of combination you can always combine just a simple white or black top or even a t-shirt would go well.

9. A dark blue combination. Here you can never go wrong when choosing that color. It is perfect for the summer and always goes well with white bag or white shoes in the summer. πŸ’™

10. A simple dress (whichever color you prefer) with a belt in the middle and a nice clutch bag. Yes, that's right! Who said that clutch bags are only for official cases or dinners? 

11. A black and white skirt. I combined it with the lace blouse with I also wear with jeans, skirts, shorts, etc when I am not at the office. Honestly, you can combine that skirt with different color tops and blouses, doesn't have to be white or black. Be creative! πŸ˜‰πŸ’œ

12. A colorful blazer. YES, YES, and YES. Such a blazer (whichever color you like) should be in your wardrobe. Why? Because it can be well combined with skirts, pants, dresses, scarves etc.

13. A beige skirt. That color can go with literally everything! πŸ˜† Or as Spanish people say "Todo" 

14. Satin. That fabric is fabulous! No need for too much work in order to keep it always clean and smoothed out. Also, this type of clothes is very good for the office environment and maybe dinner after. πŸ’š

15. Satin and in pink! Never wrong when you want to grab your attention on you. 😊
Just be careful with the bag and the shoes you are choosing. Here I am with gold shoes as it is matching well with the watch and the bag I have. Also, another tip is hair accessories. Something small as an accent is never wrong! πŸ’—

16. Beige skirt and pastel color blouse. Here for that outfit, the bag fits perfectly with the blouse. Just a small touch in the hair and everything looks different, right? 😘

17. Pink again! Pink and white always go well. If you want to wear that skirt after work as you don't have time to change it can go well with a black lace blouse as well! 😚

18. If you don't have a flower bag like that, you won't do a mistake buying one. Pay attention to the colors on it and choose the same color outfit to combine it well. Another tip is if you have one color outfit such as a dress, for example, that kind of bag goes perfectly with it and you don't need to add anything else. πŸ’Ÿ

All right.
That's all from my end for today's fashion tips. 
Stay turn for more and do not hesitate to give your feedback in the comments below. 😚

Looking forward to hearing from you.πŸ‘„πŸ˜œ

πŸ… A Day In Malta Zoo Park πŸ…

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 Hi readers ☺️

Today I decided to share my experience from my visit to the zoo park in Malta. πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ή  It was exciting to experience despite the fact that I am not a bit fan of animals trapped in a cage.  I believe that animals are like people even though they are purer than us and they shouldn't be locked in a cage just so we can go and have fun while we watch their everyday daily life.

However, it was a very sunny and hot day and to be honest it was better if we spend some time at the beach but we went to see. 😁

You can visit their Facebook page of the zoo here.

In the park, there is an opportunity to feed the small baby tigers which I included in the below video so you can see how small and cute they are. 😊 

However I kind of missed that chance that day because we went kind of late to the zoo and they work until 17:00 pm so we couldn't catch it on time. If you are interested to see the small tigers and how I feed them please comment below. 😊

The park had a lot to see such as big cats, monkeys, birds, horses, and more. You can see the full blog and the videos I took from that day below:

Enjoy watching and thanks for visiting my blog. 😊

See ya 😊

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